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Casino Games For Beginners

Gambling become common these days. Casinos happened to be open in almost every country around the globe. They even have online casinos these days. For people who are new to gambling must be wondering what games are suitable for newcomers like them. With a small and safe bet can secure a big fat juicy win who in the world doesn’t want that. Whether you are looking for easy games to win or you want to have ‘lady luck’ beside you until the end of the day. Here are the games that are suitable for the beginners.


People might be familiar with this game even for the beginners. It is because slots are one of the popular casino games. People may not be able to resist it, the sounds or the bell and the explosion ringing that would be fascinating. Some of the slot machines are not really ancient machines but a HD touch screen slot machine. There sure are a lot of slot machines but none of them require skills to play. So, it would be perfect for beginners. All they have to do is only press the only button visible on the machine button and pray for your luck for the light and sounds of winning emerge and will give you a huge payout to take home.


Another game that is fit for beginners is roulette. The only qualification to play roulette is, you can afford to bet and have a great plan and instinct. Roulette actually is fun to play. You can bet by:

  • Placing your chips on a specific number, which we call an “inside bet” – the winning number is the one the ball lands in after the dealer’s spin
  • Splitting your bet by putting your chip on the line between two numbers – don’t forget your zeros!
  • Placing your chips on thirds of the board, which are 1st 12, 2nd 12, and 3rd 12
  • Betting on even or odd, or red or back
  • Splitting the board and betting on 1-18 or 19-36
  • Betting on each of the 3 randomly divided columns on the roulette table

One more thing you should know about roulette is, the payout for each bet is different. As an example, if you hit on a column you will win 2-1, but if you hit on a 50/50 split bet, you will only double your bet (if you bet $50, you’ll win another $50). Feel free to explore and discover roulette strategies and place your bet and win more and more.


This is another casino game that can be played gambling beginners. This game is really simple to master. It would take no time to ace this game. It is also a really fascinating game to play. If you wish to double your money and at the same time. First, you should place the bet on which number you want to bet. You could choose until ten numbers and some of the number sequences pay you much and better. It depends on your luck. If you hit the certain spot your winnings can reach up until 7000 per game. Learn this from an experienced gambler and you will ace it in no time because this game is easy to read and expect. Plan your strategies well before you play.