omron universial serial bus controller in Malaysia
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ELCOMP Trading and Omron Universal Serial Bus Controllers.

omron universial serial bus controller in Malaysia

In today’s world of business communication, systems are pushing the speed limit well beyond the 1-Gbit/sec barrier. As a result of these, the need for newer and stronger serial links is becoming more and more apparent. Serial links offer a great deal of flexibility over the parallel busses that are still in use today. When it comes to the medium that is employed, this flexibility is most noticeable. Users can employ module-based serial connectors, which allow them to convert between copper and a variety of fibre kinds by simply changing the module type on a port. This module also has blind-mating capabilities with the receptacle, allowing the user to quickly replace (or test) damaged modules on a board. 


Advantages of Serial Bus Controllers. 

  1. The customer can swap between copper and optical fibre with module-based serial connectors, giving them the most flexibility in terms of distance, noise immunity, and performance.
  2.  DC balance (clock recovery) and error detection are achieved by 8B/10B data encoding.
  3.  Error detection and correction, together with advances in PHY technology, allow higher data speeds to be achieved over existing fibre infrastructure.
  4.  On a standard PCB trace, properly terminated differential serial signals can convey data at 3 Gbits/sec.
  5.  Differential serial linkages can travel greater distances and are less vulnerable to noise than parallel buses.
  6. The use of fewer connecting pins increases board area usage and dependability.
  7. In hostile situations, fiber-optic media improves electrical safety.
  8.  Compared to shared buses like PCI, point-to-point connectivity is more efficient.
  9. Because only two serial lines must be routed instead of a broad bus and its related clock, circuit board routing is simplified. Integrated clock data recovery (CDR) is especially useful in this case.

omron universial serial bus controller in Malaysia

Disadvantages of Serial Bus Controllers. 

  1. Parallel buses have been deployed all over the world, especially in the case of PCI. 
  2. PCI parallel busses have more experienced engineers. 
  3.  PCI-compatible equipment and software comes with an installed base. This base is widely used. 
  4. PCI is perfect for low data rates. 
  5. PCI solutions in the form o f hot swappable cards are available. This means that users can add or remove adapter cards that are problematic without shutting down the system. 


Requirements of Serial Bus Controllers. 

8B/10B encoding decoding is used on the original data stream. Without this 8B/10B encoding scheme, a string of 1’s or 0’s in the data could cause the receive clock to drift or lose synchronization, causing loss of data. 8B/10B also makes sure that the signal is DC balanced. 8B/10B encoded characters follow specific rules that allow many signaling errors to be immediately detected. The 10-bit characters used by 8B/10B encoding offer 4x the characters of an 8-bit character space. This enables special characters to be encoded into the data stream, which are not decoded as data characters. These special characters can be used as delimiters or other commands.

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omron universial serial bus controller in Malaysia