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Get Oriented With The Different Poker Terms

If you are planning to start playing poker in a slot casino online Malaysia, it is highly recommended to learn the terms that will be used in the game. Yes, there are lingo terms that are for the poker game only and from time to time, you will surely hear one or two using them. It will be hard to play the game if you don’t understand the terms that are used. 

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Here are some of the terms that are used frequently:

Flop – this refers to the first community cards that are dealt right after the initial betting round. 

Flush – this is a poker hand in which there are five cards in the same suit. 

Fold – this is when you will give in to the fight. You will then give up all the money that you contributed to the pot. This happens when a player will assume that his cards have no fight. 

Four of a kind – this is a poker hand in which among the five cards, 4 are in the same rank. 

Full house – a poker hand in which there is a three of a kind arrangement and one pair. 

Hand – this consists of five cards that are from the pocket cards of the player and the community cards. 

Heads-up – this means that a player will be joining a tournament with only one player as an opponent.

High card – this is a set of five cards where there is no arrangement, and this will only win if the opponent has the same set of cards with lesser numbers as the highest card. 

Late position – this is a position that is most of the time, next to the button. Usually, this position will only act when the others have acted already.

Limp – this is also another word for calling which means that it is a weak move. 

Limit – this means that there is a limit to the bets. 

Live bet – this is opposite to the limp as this is a call that means an aggressive action. 

Muck – this is where all the used cards are placed. 

No-limit – when this is the arrangement of the game, this means that there is a minimum bet, but there is no maximum bet. 

Off-suit – the cards are in different suits. 

Open-handed – this is a category of a poker game in which part of the cards of the players is being exposed. 

Pair – this means cards that have the same rank as two kings and so on. 

Pocket cards – these are the cards you are holding, and they are not part of the community cards. 

Quads – this is another name for the four of a kind. 

River – this is the final card of the community cards. 

Learning about the different terms and lingos of poker will give you an easier time when you will start playing. This will help you in relaying your messages to your co-players as well. This is why you should familiarize the terms before playing.