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How is a Domain Name Different from Web Hosting?

A lot of people nowadays assume that a domain name and web hosting are the same, but that is actually not true. There are major differences between the two, but I wouldn’t blame you if you did believe that they are one of the same. That is because most of the top hosting companies already lump both services together as part of their existing plans. Anyway, in this article, I will be talking about how a domain name is different from web hosting.

What is a Domain Name?

When you want to visit Google’s infamous search engine, what you normally do is to type google.com in your favorite web browser and press Enter. The string that you just typed in is actually the domain name and it was created for a reason: simplicity.

For those of you who do not know, every website out there creates a unique IP address that is specific only to that page. An example of an IP address is If you typed that in a web browser, that will lead to a webpage, but who exactly remembers strings of complicated numbers? That is why the domain name exists as it helps simplify things. If people wanted to visit a particular website, all they have to do would be to put the entire URL in their favorite browser and be done with it.

What is Web Hosting Then?

If the domain name is the actual address of your website, web hosting is akin to the house that is situated on that specific address. When a person puts in the website’s URL and they pressed enter, it would ping the web host that someone is trying to access the page and it would then send the pertinent files that they need for the website to load properly.

Web hosting companies would typically house many different servers- which are powerful computers that run 24/7, allowing you to access the websites that are in its database. Just like there are huts and mansions in the real world, different web hosts provide different services to the masses.

How Are Both of These Related?

Just like your own lot and your own house, web hosting and its domain name are important and one cannot be fully utilized without the other. You cannot build a house without a lot, so the same principle applies to web hosting and domain name. If you do not have a domain name, you cannot build your own website.

What is Needed to Help You Build a Website?

Now that you know the fundamental differences between web hosting and domain name, how exactly can you build a website? Well, there are actually plenty of ways. The most expensive option and one that was quite popular back in the day is for people to hire web designers and web developers. They build websites from scratch and would provide you with all of the things that you want them to be implemented on your page.

However, most websites are built by the same web hosting company that they go for. That is because these services now provide you with the means to create a website just by tinkering with their preset options. You can have a website up and running in no time!