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Learn Website Design: 7 Amazing Tips

1. Develop your own website.

This is the best way to practice your website design skills. You don’t need to create a huge one, just a small website where you can explore features around. Figure out how these things work.

2. Draw a wireframe.

What is brainstorming for web designers? Wireframing. A wireframe is a comprehensive sketch of what the web pages would be like. Basically, it shows the information structure of the entire website.

3. Read blogs and other reliable resources.

Start reading articles and blogs. Monitor what is happening in the web design world. What are the latest trends and techniques used by developers and designers?

4. Learn how HTML and CSS works.

Are you familiar with CSS and HTML? These are the cornerstones of web design. If you don’t know anything about HTML and CSS yet, now is the best time to read about it.

5. Be a good communicator.

Brush up on your communication skills. You may not be the most articulate person today, but trust me, you can improve on that aspect. If you want to have a fruitful website design career, you need to be able to communicate well people.

6. Get inspiration from other websites.

Look at other websites with amazing layouts and designs. Take note of all the features, and check which ones are applicable for your own pages. Form designs, typography and navigation are three important aspects you should focus on.

7. Get comfortable with search engine optimization.

Many web designers think that SEO can be handled solely by SEO specialists. However, a lot of design work is connected to SEO. Several clients are now asking for SEO-optimized websites, so you need to have a solid foundation on this area.