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NFT? Have you heard about that?

Have NFT ever come across your reading? NFT or its full name Non-fungible Token (NFT) is a form of digital assets that is used to represent real-world things, later we will be looking at what types of NFT can be in the form of. They are bought and traded online using cryptocurrency. NFT can be thought of as being analogous to a physical collector’s item but is only available on digital platforms. Bear in mind to be able to buy NFT, you need to have a crypto wallet, you cannot use your money. To know more about NFT you can try to look at nft marketing in Malaysia.


Is NFT the same as Cryptocurrency? 

No because Cryptocurrency is fungible in which the property is able to be exchanged for one another. This is because the financial value is the same, for example one dollar will always be worth another dollar, and one Bitcoin is always worth another one Bitcoin. However, NFT is a little  bit different, that every item of them has their own special digital signature or blockchain so it is nearly impossible to trade one NFT with another equivalent NFT, making it non-fungible


nft marketing in Malaysia


Types of NFT that are available in the market


  1. Music

These days, we all know that some music industries have failed in providing sustainable income and jobs to the musicians. This is where NFT is seen as a good investment to the musicians, as they can sell their work of music such as songs as NFT, to earn some money. 


  1. Games

Games are another breakthrough in the NFT area. Companies do not sell complete games as NFTs. Instead, they will sell in-game contents such as skins, characters, and other items. One of the popular games that you could see selling these kinds of in-game contents is the Mobile Legend, DLC assets are now managed to be sold in millions of copies to players, but an NFT property will be special and limited to one buyer. Creators can sell classic DLC while also selling a special edition version on the NFT market.


  1. Memes

If you thought the web couldn’t get any more interesting, one thing you should know is that the NFT market allows you to buy and trade memes. What’s more interesting is that the individual in the meme sometimes can be the actual seller of the memes. Imagine selling a meme using your own face. Some of the most popular memes, including Disaster Girl, Nyan Cat, Bad Luck Brian and others, could earn between $30,000 and $770,000.


  • Collectible Items/Trading Cards

FTs are analogous to digital trading cards. Some of us for sure have heard of special edition baseball cards fetching big bucks, and the NFT market is no different. On the NFT market, you can purchase and trade various virtual versions of trading cards and keep the cards just like you keep the real item. The value of the NFT sold online is just the same value as the physical item. Anything that can be considered collectible can be put on the market so you do not have to worry. It is legit.