Web Design

Principles of a Good Web Design

The usability and the utility, determine the success or failure of a website and not the visual design. User-centric design has become a standard approach for successful and profit-oriented web designs since the visitor of the page is the only person who clicks the mouse and decides everything. If there is a feature that cannot be used on the website, it becomes useless to the user. Therefore, there are several principles that make a web design a good Web Design. The principles that make a web design good are that the web design does not make the user have to think, does not squander a user’s patience, manages to focus the users’ attention, and strives for simplicity.Web Design

A Good Web Design Does Not Make the User Have to Think

Individuals use the web to find answers to their questions. The websites automatically work as a medium to get rid of the question marks individuals have. The number of question marks grows and makes it harder for users to understand how the system works and how to get from point A to point B if the navigation on the site is not intuitive. Web Design

A Good Web Design Does Not Squander a User’s Patience

On every website, you want to make sure that your users are able to use the sites easily and have maintained composure and patience. When creating the website, make sure that the process of carrying out a service on the website does not require too many unnecessary steps to take. For example, when an individual is signing up as a member of a specific club using the website, try to reduce the number of parts that must be filled up and make sure that the website runs smoothly and does not face sudden crashes due to poor programming. 


A Good Web Design Manages to Focus the Users’ Attention on the Website

Third, a good web design is able to keep the user’s attention on the website. Some websites are only filled with endless words and no pictures or videos. Usually, pictures and videos are able to keep one’s focus longer as compared to a plain lengthy essay. When pictures and videos are added to the site, below and above the texts, individuals are able to visualize the scenarios that are stated in the sentences. Web Design

A Good Web Design Strives For Simplicity

Last but not least, a good web design strives for simplicity. A web designer must always make sure that the web is simple and can be easily navigated. Strive for simplicity instead of complexity. After all, the best site design is a pure text, without any advertisements or further content blocks, from a user’s point of view. For more information, click here