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Scallop Fun Facts

For your information, scallop is a huge family of mollusks that are related to oyster and clam. Based on their looks, they indeed look like oysters and clams but the facts are they are not the same. They are categorised in the same family. In addition, there is something unique about scallops’ ability to move in the mollusk family. Unlike clams and oysters, scallops actually can swim.

Scallop description

Scallops are surrounded by its grooved two shells and it is also connected by a hinge and a pair of valves. One side if the scallops’ shells are slightly flatter than the other, yet the other one is more concave in shape. They can have eyes anywhere from 10 to 100 eyes, their eyesight may not be really precise but it functions as a warning system when predators are nearby.

Scallop habitats

Scallops have a variety of species and each of them have their own preference about their habitats. Some scallops prefer shallow water from the low tides line until roughly 100 meters deep. Ohers species prefer to live in deep water and all of the scallop species only live in saltwater. They can’t survive in freshwater or brackish water environments.

Scallops spreadings

It is actually not even hard to find scallops since it is available worldwide. Scallops can be found anywhere in the ocean across the globe. The hugest diversity can be found in indo-pacific region. But don’t worry, we still can found different species of scallops easily

Scallops’ diet

Just like other mollusks, they are filter feeders. They sucks small prey such as plankton that get stuck in mucus and sucks over a filter structure. The filtering tools are applied with a small hair that brings the trapped plankton to its mouth.

Scallops’ behavior

Scallops are usually free swimming and also active creatures. They will find spots like reef, rocks and seagrasses as their hiding place. But, they will swim to other locations if they are disturbed. Only their species have their exclusive jet propulsion and use it for swimming. They also will use their eyes to detect any potential predators and try to avoid them.

Scallop’s reproduction

Scallops reproduce by releasing their eggs and sperm externally into the water column. Another fact about female scallops is she can produce hundreds millions of eggs a year. Then they will attach to themselves and until one point they already can be independent.