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The Dilemma Of Having A Well Off Friend

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Have you ever had a friend where they are just so extremely talented in the things they do, and you start to wonder to yourself if you are doing something wrong because you feel that your life is stagnant? Well, I don’t blame you. As a person who has a friend of the same age that has everything set with his life and is so talented. You start to feel the pressure.


The friend of yours is so well off. He comes from a wealthy family, he got all the things that you wish you had. In fact, you wish you could have his lifestyle. He got a nice car, so many friends, a good lifestyle and a wonderful girlfriend. You do not feel jealous. As a friend, you are supposed to be happy for them. In fact, you are happy for your friend. But you are envious (in a good way).


They say that you should never judge a book by its cover. Boy oh boy, you didn’t practice on what you preach. Since your friend comes from a wealthy family, you thought that he is still getting allowance from his family, as you are still getting allowance from your family. It is not wrong to have an allowance, you are still a full-time student. But the shock is that your friend has stopped taking allowance from his family as he is financially stable without even working. You start to wonder “how?”. You then find out that he has been doing online business where he sells valuable, high demand items. By selling this, he is able to make large profits. His online business is also doing well, no wonder he is financially stable.

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If you think that is not enough. Think again. The friend of yours started to upgrade himself, besides doing online business, he is also involved in the stock market stocks. Your friend now has an additional source of income where he gets his money from stock trading. “My God”, you said to yourself as stock trading is intimidating and not easy. You got yourself thinking that maybe you wasted a lot of valuable time doing something redundant, your friend is using his time to learn new things. Ok ok. You thought this is the end? Nope. Now, with the rising popularity of cryptocurrency, and the trend to invest and mine cryptocurrencies. Your friend is also investing in cryptocurrencies. Every day, your friend would go online to read up live cryptocurrency news to get the latest news of cryptocurrency. At this point, no point in trying to do the things that he does. Your friend is just extremely talented.


At the end of the day, you should not compare yourself to other people as different people have different sets of skills and creativity. Just because you are unable to do the things that your friend does, does not mean that you are talentless. Take the time to discover what you are good at, and make good use of the skills.

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