MLM business plan

The Truths About Multilevel Marketing

We are currently living in a pandemic-driven world in which everywhere we go, hearing the deadly virus called COVID-19 sends chills down the spine. To have been living through the pandemic for almost a year and a half, nothing much has improved especially in Malaysia. The only thing that is going stronger and does not seem to be giving up is the virus itself when the recent news in regards to the newly-mutated virus has produced a brand new variant that is a lot more resistant towards medications. As we are trying to adapt to living in this narrowed situation, there are a lot of things we need to change in our daily lives. As a lot of sectors of industries are still not operating globally, this sends the other employees spiralling down the darkest pit of their entire existence as they are not getting paid. Losing one’s only stable source of income is the most devastating thing to ever experience because everything around us costs money. Not only that, many are facing retrenchment for organisations to cut the cost further by eliminating others to stop paying them. 

MLM business plan

As the COVID-19 cases are increasing which have significantly impacted many organisations, people are now trying to find alternative ways to earn money on their own without having to depend on big corporations. The most famous industry that is spiking up in demands is multilevel marketing. Using direct selling as the main method of promoting their products, you can also improve your MLM business plan in different ways from the others. 

However, there are a lot of hidden truths that are put away from being in the spotlight to divert our attention. The reason why MLM is dangerous is mainly that when you plan to be recruited, you have to pay them a huge amount of money which is disguised with the products that you will be getting. Despite them saying the products must sell, realistically speaking, it is super difficult to get a lot of customers all at once because most of the items are expensive. So, the only way out for you to receive money is by recruiting people instead. This industry is said to be an income opportunity yet only a small margin of them manage to obtain so. 

Also, another hidden truth about many MLM companies is the products are actually non-consumable. Many of them use beauty products or edibles to attract people to devour them. They tend to use false slogans such as fast diet supplement and such to make the victims fall into the trap and subscribe to it for a long time. This is the best example of what happened with Herbalife which deems its products as healthy herb-based drinks that should be consumed as meal substitution every day. A lot of victims have exposed the things about the company as they are suffering from the side effects such as kidney failure and many more due to the excessive amount of sugar of the ingredients added that they have lied about.