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Top 3 Trending Filters on Instagram.

Do you know that there are roughly one billion active users of Instagram? That means more than half of the planet’s population uses the social media platform and how fascinating is that? That means every person who owns a smartphone has at least Instagram downloaded in them. Instagram is always a great platform for people to express their free thoughts and emotions. It is a good thing, because not everyone is comfortable in showing what they thought of and sharing them to the public. When someone is used to expressing their emotions to the public to the point that they feel comfortable doing that, it means their self-esteem or confidence level has increased. Another reason why so many people use Instagram is that it allows you to reconnect with people from all over the country. There’s many touching true stories where a daughter met her long-lost biological mother’s Instagram account after being separated for more than 9 years. The great thing about Instagram is that it allows people to see your current images and videos through Instagram posts, stories and lives. That’s the case if it’s your personal account, anyway. Because there are also users who dedicated their Instagram to only post their cooking or plants or anime updates. 

However, with constant updates of interesting features and filters, Instagram is a good way for you to fill your free time. Let’s take a look at the top 3 trending filters on Instagram.

1. Clarendonweb design company malaysia

This filter is the most popular Instagram filter so far. This is because it adds brightness to the lighter areas and dark shades to darker tones. It’s a really cool filter as it increases the saturation and makes the photo’s tone look so much better. So many people apply this filter to their photos before posting them on Instagram. Photos with Clarendon filters look brighter, highlighted and enhanced, which also makes this filter popular among the business marketers. Let’s say it’s not really a surprise that this filter ranks first as the trendiest filter.


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The filter’s name is based on a country in Japan and is one of the most trending Instagram filters. The best part about this filter is that it’s the only black and white filter available on Instagram stories. Some people might not like black and white colors for their photos, but Tokyo is a good choice when you need to douse the color beautifully. Don’t photos with black and white filters look classy and give off some intense 90s vibes? 

3.Runaway Aurora


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Among all the other filters, Runaway Aurora is the best filter to enjoy no matter whether you are alone or with your friends. Firstly, the song itself is great. It means that the short background song of this filter is nice to hear and the added effects of Aurora background after you posed is super aesthetic. It’s no wonder this filter has gone viral not only on Instagram, but also on Tiktok. The results of every video with these filters is so satisfying that there might be a compilation of Runaway Aurora filters on Youtube. 

Last Words.

In conclusion, these are the top 3 trending filters on Instagram but as all things did with technology, changes can be expected in the rank soon. It’s even possible that you will create your own Instagram filters in the future. Interested to take the first step to be able to do that? Check out this web design company malaysia. Nevertheless, there are always new filters updated and people’s attention will be focused on those that go viral at the moment. However, note that not everything needs to be done using the trend as a standard. You are free to have your own favorite Instagram filters that you love. If you have any, just go crazy and use them as much as you want! 

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