Why SEO and Content Marketing Go Hand in Hand

Some people believe that content marketing and SEO are two disparate things, but they actually work in tandem to provide you with more online success.

In this article, I will talk about the reasons why these two are inseparable; that one cannot function without the other so much so that even an online marketing company would use the both of them together.

Helps Promote Brand Awareness

Promote brand awareness to increase organic traffic

Content Marketing and SEO work hand in hand in order to promote your brand. Without using the both of them together, your website might achieve some success, but it will not reach its full potential.

SEO actually makes use of different techniques that help drive more organic traffic to your webpages. One of the tried and tested strategies would be the research and use of different keywords.

You should make use of a program like Google’s Keyword Planner which is a handy tool that provides you with some possible keywords that you can use on your content and on your website.

The good thing about this program is it allows you to look at different strings of words based on its volume and how frequently it is being used by your competitors.

Another great thing about SEO, in general, is that you can pretty much measure your success by using different analytical tools. Such tools are helpful because if you find that your current strategy doesn’t greatly help you, then you can refine it until it does.

Promotion Through Quality Content

Now, once you’ve come up with suitable keywords that you can use, you can place them in your articles as well.

This is where content marketing comes in. You want to drive people to your site by providing articles that can satisfy or help them by presenting with the information they need.

So, if your business provides law services, for example, then creating articles that answer some or all of the most commonly asked questions will be beneficial in helping you gain more customers.

Furthermore, the use of your researched keywords can greatly help in terms of your website visibility thanks to search engine optimization.

If your content is really good and a lot of people think so too (shown by the number of people who visit your website on a regular basis), then your website will invariably rank higher than those who do not employ the same techniques.

Website with Good User Experience

Why SEO and Content Marketing Go Hand in Hand

So, let’s get back to your website. Once you’ve created relevant and useful content, you should then turn your focus towards how you can best provide a user experience of higher quality on your website.

Some tips include better site navigation, menu implementation complete with all of your site’s features, a call to action button if you offer products and services, and improving your website’s overall loading speed.

Of course, content is king. Never forget about your content as it is one of the main criterias when it comes to website rankings.


So you see? SEO and content marketing should go hand in hand when it comes to increasing your brand’s visibility and online presence.